Teaching and performing. Based in southern Sweden.
Working at the moment at www.katefitnessdance.se, Växjö/Värnamo.






Från våren 2018:



Från 2013-2017:


malene dalenbäck
Polestar championships, Fitnessfestivalen.


Pole at www.katefitnessdance.se, Växjö. Aerial hoop at www.sometimes.no, Oslo.





Some of my poledancestudents.


malene dalenbäck
Aerial chains at www.polestarfitness.se.


malene dalenbäck
From a newspaper article.


Silk, hoop and pole at Milan poledance studio, Milan.


malene dalenbäck
Hoop at London Dance Academy, London.



malene dalenbäck
Health event at Nordstan, Gothenburg.


Some of my students at Impulse dance and Kate fitnessdance.